I Cannot Stop Thinking About Palestine.

E.B. Hutchins
3 min readOct 29, 2023

I was in the middle of writing an essay about the tragedy of Mai Zenin queerness in Jujutsu Kaisen when a notification came onto my phone. October 7th, 2023 there was a terrorist attack on Israelis. The details of the attacks were horrific. 1400 people were killed and hundreds of others were kidnapped.

However, the next report on the attack was more chilling.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government knew about the Hamas attack before it happened. He was informed by the United States and Egyptian Government. This man let 1400 people be killed and around 250 people be kidnapped so he wouldn’t go to prison for corruption. He was brought up on corruption charges over the summer and tried to change the judiciary branch of the

The PM won’t accept hostages that are being trapped and would rather gas them instead. He cut off food, water, fuel, and electricity to 2.2 million people. His government has murdered journalists and their families to get them to shut up. They bombed Al Jezeera’s Gazan office.

My issue will always be with the Israeli government and how it has failed its people severely and engages in ethnic cleansing. Netanyahu let his people be kidnapped and killed and brutalized so he commit the complete genocide of the Palestinians he had wanted to do for decades.

Netanyahu’s government is so cruel and sick that Israelis and Jewish people worldwide cannot grieve for the people killed in the October 7th attack without being conflated with him and his far-right regime. They cannot be afraid or concerned about a spike in antisemitic hate crimes without being conflated with the very government that allowed this attack to happen. They can’t even grieve when a Rabbi gets stabbed to death simply for being Jewish.

The depth of the depravity of Netanyahu’s government is inconceivable. They blew up a hospital. They lied about blowing up a hospital. They blew up bakeries after they received hard-fought aid from Egypt. They tear gassed elementary schools in the West Bank and put bloodied dolls in front of the buildings. They detained children. Their former soldiers gleefully recount the raping of teenagers and burning people alive. Their soldiers dance to EDM while people’s bodies are under rubble or are in pieces. They are concocting stories about Hamas being under a hospital that is housing more than 50,000 people as to justify another hospital bombing.

Right now, as I write this, Gaza is being bombed to death. The extermination is being committed and a regional war is brewing. They cannot call the ambulances or their loved ones. They are in the dark both figuratively and literally. People all over the world are calling their representatives, the UN, their loved ones because as humans we cannot watch as an entire culture gets wiped off the face of the earth.

This “essay” isn’t so much of an essay as it is a documentation. A snapshot of the moment that we are in. During genocides, denial and obfuscation is rampant. The truth is written by those who carried the weapons. But this is the truth: a psychotic man let his own people get killed to justify the mass slaughter of another and multiple western countries watched it as it happened.

I will have that essay out about the tragic nature of Mai Zenin, but for the time being I feel like it’s more important to speak about what is happening in the world.

Ceasefire Now. Save Palestine. Fuck Benjamin Netanyahu and I hope he is tried for his war crimes.



E.B. Hutchins

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