A Quick Thought: Is This Last Call?

So. A lot has happened.

A lot has been happening.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve come out too late. I understand in our community there’s no such thing as it being too late, but sometimes…I feel defeated. At this time in history, we are more visible than ever. At the same time though, we are being legislated out of existence, shot at fucking grocery stores, or watching children die. Not to mention that next month there will be record-breaking fires and heatwaves across the country because our world is literally cooking itself.

Sometimes it is hard to be happy in the face of all this. To create, to love, to rest, to work, to even look for love. All of it seems silly in the face of everything.

But it’s not.

It really isn’t.

The way things are now, it’s looking closer and closer to being the last call. So be joyful, playful, and present during this time, especially during Pride. We might not have too many left, so let’s make the best of it.



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